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Water Pets

46 / 7, Urban Estate,
Gurgaon 122 001, 
Haryana, India 
Phone: + 91 (124) 5076690

e-mail: web:

Please do come and visit Water Pets at 46/7 Urban Estate, Gurgaon.
Water Pets provides everything you need to start an exciting new hobby - so come get an aquarium!

  We can provide you with various types of exotic coloured fish to make your aquarium look spectacular.
Why have an aquarium?
Why come to Water Pets?
Simple Rules for Aquarium Maintenance - make sure that your aquarium and fish are always healthy
Winter Tips: important points for keeping aquariums healthy during cold weather.
FAQs about aquariums
Keep a Gold Fish Bowl
Price List
Vaastu And Aquariums: New section coming up soon.
Photograph Brochure of our products - new section coming up soon.
  Just give Water Pets a call (Gurgaon 507 6690) or visit us -- we will be delighted to satisfy all your queries. We gaurantee you will not be disappointed!

46, Sector 7
Urban Estate
Gurgaon 122001, Haryana

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